Why Use Agent

1. Provide confidential representation – No buyer should buy a home without being represented

2. Show you only homes that meet your criteria, thereby saving you countless hours of hit and miss searching

3. Call Sellers for showing appointments and provide easy access to all homes via lockbox key

4. Point out the property’s features and potential concerns that most buyers do not see

5. Advise Buyer during inspection process and negotiate repairs

6. Advise buyer regarding home warranties, insurance, etc.

7. Providing financing resources

8. Advise and assist you in setting your offer price, and structuring the terms of the offer including closing costs, special stipulations in contract to protect your interests

9. Deliver the offer to the listing agent and attempt to be present when the offer is presented to the Seller

10. Negotiate on your behalf

11. Help you avoid costly home buying mistakes

12. Coordinate all the numerous requirements for closing